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Hi There-

I'm a free creative spirit that loves life, music and nature.    In 2019 I teamed up with my USO best friend, Maria, and together we created the YouTube Channel: 

"Truth Serum with Maria and Val"

The YouTube channel has gained hundreds of thousands of views on over 60 posted videos.  

As part of Truth Serum, I generated a BLOG where I can muse upon thoughts and perspectives of Life, Music and Nature.


-Reflections on the passing of a dear friend.

Roland Chirico was a dear friend of mine, and a music icon, not only to me, but to oh so many. I sit here reflecting on the magnificence I was able to share with him over the decades of knowing and working with him. Roland chose to pass on Valentines Day, a fitting day for a man with such a huge heart.

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I'm in a contemplative mood right now as I’ve recently learned of the physical passing of a musical friend who has transitioned (via cancer) into the space we all will re-member with someday.


While I didn’t know him “well”, I feel like I really knew him.


This is the interesting fact about musical and creative people: I hope you are ready for this, because I am being completely honest here...
Playing Piano

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Because I live much of my life “in song,” I am reminded of the 1934 song originally written in Spanish by Maria Grever, “What a Difference a Day Makes”. The English lyrics were written by Stanley Adams and was played by Harry Roy & his orchestra. However, it was Dinah Washington, in 1959, that popularized this song in America. She won a Grammy for it.

Blue Infant Shoes

"Being a Mom Without A Mom" 

Coping with Motherhood

One of the hardest life-events I have experienced has been my grappling with the constant nagging reality of how the heck could I even think about being a mom when I didn't have one?

I was 24 and newly married to my high school "sweet heart". (Yep, that still really does happen.) Her illness and death was the most tragic event that had happened to me.

Group BBQ

"Why Family Traditions Matter"

Labor Day Picnic Ponderings

As the Labor Day picnics, gatherings, celebrations, BBQ's and festivities come to a close, I find myself pondering the concept of "Why do family traditions matter?" Labor Day is a three day weekend of relaxed-anticipated excitement. School has either just begun and now you get a day off, (yippee!) or it will commence after Labor Day. It's a time that many think of as the end of summer. 

Sunset in the Nature

Today is the day. January 15. The day my mom, Joan, was born.


Today is the day. January 15. The day my dad, Joe, died.

I’ve been chastised for being a bit blunt on this topic, and that is just who I am. We all die. Please do not mistake my directness for not feeling.

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