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Achieve Financial Success…God’s Way!

Pastor Sunday Adelaja helped 200 people become millionaires in just two years by teaching them how to apply God’s principles to their personal finances. Discover how they did it in Money Won’t Make You Rich, a comprehensive guide to true prosperity and financial freedom.

When you understand God’s principles about finances, you can control your money without letting it control you. In this practical, inspirational guide, Pastor Adelaja combines biblical truth, financial advice, and his own life experiences to explain such topics as:
- The meaning of prosperity
- The nature of poverty
- The secret of success and four principles of continuous success
- Three laws to making your money work for you
- The reason for financial failure

Girl with brown wallet

Audio Sample #1

Millionaires & Their Wallets

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Audio Sample #2

Stretching Ourselves

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Audio Sample #3

Taking Risks & Having Faith

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