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Private First Class

Quin W. Rogers

United States Marine Corps


On Sunday October 25, 2020  Quin left for 2 weeks of quarantine.


He Arrived on Parris Island - the training base for the United States Marine Corps, on November 9th.

He worked hard - earning 600 points/600 on fitness; Shooting Expert (the highest); easily passing all knowledge tests; earning 34/34 on the martial arts test; passing advanced swimming tests; completing the 3 mile run in 17:56 minutes

After successful completion of the Crucible (1/21-1/23/21) - a 54-hour grueling test consisting of 48 miles; 45 pounds of gear; 32 team building stations; 29 fitness exercises; 8 hours of sleep and limited MRE rations - he earned the coveted Eagle Globe & Anchor (EGA)

On Friday February 5, 2021 he graduated a United States Marine.

He is now on his way to his next adventure!

Proud MoM, over here.

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