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 Letters from Quin


#3 (Received on November 27, 2020-day after Thanksgiving)

"Dear Mama n Papa n Coli-sa-coli, n Chickens and Toffie and Mocha Boca n Trixie and Jazzy.  Thanks for the letter, and yes, you do write a lot but the more the merrier lol....

11/20 Today was our first day with a new Drill Instructor (DI) and they gave is a 3rd DI instead of 2 now.  Our Platoon is retarded right now and a lot of people can't follow directions or put in any effort into learning.  A lot of people are getting pissed at each other, but it's all good, that's how bonds -strong bonds are made. I'm tired and sore from marching and running for hours with a 30 pound bag - but it's not terrible.

Anyway, the scenery is near, the trees are cool looking with their moss hangin and there's a lot of butter flies as well as blue herons and eygrets.  The sunrises and sunsets are pretty cool too.  Working out at 5-6am feels strange but good.  

Our new DI's are pissed because we're the reason our old ones got "fired" so today was another retarded one with a lot of back and forth stuff.  It's hard not to laugh when people are getting yelled at and it's hard to talk without getting caught.   

Today at 7-ish am a kid from a different platoon passed out for over 10 minutes and was taken away by ambulance.   Also a kid from my platoon passed out in our barracks but recovered quickly....

Susen is my bottom bunk neighbor adn we are good friends too.  He got IT'ed (Intensive Training) before I did from the class room.  

11/20/20:  I got punished to 2 hours of fire watch for sh*t I didn't even do.  I'm pissed cuz I did fire watch last night so now I only get 5/5 1/2 hours sleep.  I hope you're enjoying your sleep because I AM NOT. 

11/21/20: Had to write all of our 11 General Orders out 3 times because too many people don't know them, I actually do. lol.  Today was another crazy one and I slept thtough class becaise I coju;ldn't stay awale and thankfully no DI's saw me otherwise I would've been IT'ed.  We did a lot of back and forth stuff again like holding your packs out for minutes, folding towels 100 times, cleaning the bathroom floor and Barrack floors, screaming a ton, watch people get pissed off at each other but I'm laughing and hanging with the kids that don't think it's bad.

Susen got IT'ed for 20 minuetes and right when he got back to his rack he didn't change fast enough and had to go back to IT with the others.  Tomorrow I plan on going to church.  I may have lost the space pen (Kenneth gave me) but it might be in my messy foot locker...?  TTYL - Bye Bye"



#2 (Received on November 23, 2020)

"Dear Rogers Residence.  Thanks for the filling letter and I hope you enjoyed my phone call when I arrived. LOL  Glad to hear about Grams B-day and I was wishing and thinking about her all day long on the 13th.

Today is 11/18/20 about 6-7pm.  Time has been going rather fast.  We haven't really worked out much so dar.  nly 3 PT's and 2, one and half mile runs which is easy.  This morning was cold too but mid-days gets warm.  

We go to bed around 8-9pm and get up a alittle before 4am.  I am tired a lot and these past 2 days we had class for lie 4 hours which was the worst so far.

We got all our cammie's, boots, day pack's, helmets and M16's service rifles and we march A LOT of the day.  I only have like 10minutes to myself.

I like my haircut, it's so soft.

I made a close friend from Louisiana -Wright is his name and we've been getting in minimal trouble.  I lost my voice a few days ago from all the shouting we do...

The food is actually pretty dam good, but we only have litke 5-10minutes to stuff our faces.  I was top bunk, now bottom.

We had one Martial Arts Class which was boring & basic but okay - just punches and stances....

Embrace the love you have.  All 68 of us boys are learning to love each other as well.  I'll send another letter soon - Tell EVERYONE QUIN says "What 'up?"



#1 Letter Received

October 29, 2020 - While in Quarantine in Atlanta, GA

"Good Evening Rogers Residence .  So far so well!  I'm roomed with this giant 6'3" hispanic kid named Paulo Santos from Boston and a tall skinny kid, Broden from Philly.  They're funny and we are getting along perfectly.  The food out here is good and filling.  We three did our daily work out and it feels good to sweat - I'm abouta take a shower after this but wanted to write to you while I was motivated.

We also got this book "Guidebook for Marines" and I'm already on page 30.  Read all about the abbrevations and past Marine hisotry and fighting.  I want you to know I'm thinking of all of yo and how peacefull it must be - Love y'all

- Quinchilla!"

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