Week 3- Quin Updates & Interesting Information

Week 3- This page offers updates to what I hear back from Quin -since he may not have time to write everyone. 


Week 3 Boot Camp Updates,  please continue to send all your letters, funny stories and words of encouragement to him.






The Amazing -"Kenneth"

Week 3 - (Nov 23-Nov 29) at Boot Camp on Parris Island-THANKSGIVING

Week three is considered a breakthrough week for Quin because this is when he really begins to adjust more to the environment, stress and expectations required from boot camp.


To start week three, Quin will go through the the gas chamber, but don’t be alarmed! The gas chamber is part of a controlled training environment. This exercise teaches the recruits how to properly and confidently use their gear – in this case, a gas mask – so that if they are ever in a situation when they needed to use it, they could do so successfully and properly. 

Check out the YouTube Video below to really see what it's like.

Next, to keep them physically fit, all recruits will go down the rappel tower, keep battling with pugil sticks, and will go on an 8K hike with their complete pack so that they can get used to carrying their gear for long distances and times.


The academic studies and physical training exercises that we’ve mentioned will continue into week three as well. Quin will keep learning about the Corps’ core values in the classroom.


Also, he will go through the confidence course, which allows them to build up their courage, both mentally and physically. The course contains 11 obstacles that will require them to overcome their fears and step up to the task at end. By the course’s end, recruits will have more strength and endurance than they did before.


Quin will receive his first inspection by someone in their chain of command. This inspection is typically conducted by the first officer in their chain of command, their Series Commander, who is typically a first lieutenant or a captain. 

Keep the letters going for Quin! 


They matter - even if he can't write you back, Please send your note of encouragement and support to him. 

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