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When southern artist, Judith Lafferty, loses her long-time, prestigious museum job to a smarmy, do-nothing younger man, she finds herself devastated, alone in her middle age, and on the brink of financial disaster. Enter the incomparable Gumbeaux Sistahs, who deliver day-old coffee to her front door as a ploy, then go on to kidnap her, feed her excellent gumbo, and come up with outrageous solutions to her problems. 


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Chapter 4

"Judith's Out the Door"

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1 gumbo_-_melissa.jpg

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Chapter 8

"What's Eating Dawn?"

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1 cafe_de_monde_-melissa.jpg

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Chapter 12

"Lola's Table"

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Intrigued by the art work?           Visit the Gumbeaux Sistah's Website 

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