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Val Rogers is an accomplished narrator for a variety of styles of books.  From Erotica-romance to personal growth and novels, Val will make your book "pop" with the right amount of energy and style to bring your words to life for the listener.

Snippet-Chapter 4 -Judith out the doorArtist Name
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Snippet-Chapter 8 -What is Eating Dawn Up InsideArtist Name
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Snippet-Chapter 12 -Lola's TableArtist Name
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Val Rogers sitting at a counter with a red mug and a laptop
Artwork of a white feather falling in  a lavender sky


Meditation is a beautiful practice that brings serenity and joy to the mind, body, and soul. Join me in meditations that can be practiced anytime, anywhere, allowing for a peaceful and fulfilling life. 


Music is a part of my soul, and I can't wait for you to see the magic that occurs when I take the stage! Sample my music and watch videos of my performances. Do you have a special event coming up where you need a dynamic singer or band? Reach out and let's talk!

The Nearness of You-ReferenceVal Rogers
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Skylark-Great recording Tuxedo Junction-August 1 2022 (2)Val Rogers with Tuxedo Junction Sounds of Swing
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Close-up of Val Rogers in black with a microphone
Val Rogers in a recording studio with a microphone


Bring your copy to life with a VoiceOver artist who knows how to read an audience and has an easy style that is fun to work with! From cartoon characters to audio-books and radio announcements, make your script come alive!

1-Val Rogers Voice Over DemoVal Rogers
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Retail Sample - Meditate from 1 to Zen BookVal Rogers
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